Call for papers


The focus of this workshop is placed on a specific yet fundamental aspect: the lack of a unified theoretical foundation or framework for underpinning all four components of creation, curation, critique and conditioning of design guidelines and principles for visualization and visual analytics. The challenge includes:

  • the lack of a centralized place for easy discovery of known or proposed principles and guidelines
  • the lack of documentation about when and where a principle or guideline is applicable and when and where it is not, as well as examples for attesting either conditions
  • the lack of platforms (except formal publications) for supporting the evolution and improvement of principles and guidelines, and fostering early proposal of principles and guidelines.

Example Titles (for Illustration):

  • How to use a visual channel that has not been thoroughly studied by Bertin and others?
  • Guidelines on using a perceptually-uniform color space
  • When should one maximize the perceptual difference between glyphs?
  • When should one use curved connections in parallel coordinates?
  • Is non-linear axis good or bad?
  • Five ways to persuade an application user not to use the Rainbow colormap
  • Which machine-learning technique to use in visual analytics?
  • How much interaction is too much in web-based visualization for the masses?
  • Developing an online server for guidelines in visualization
  • From cluttering avoidance to clustering quantification and minimization


The workshop invites submissions of extended abstracts between 250-500 word in length (excluding image and references) presenting innovative ideas, discourses, design concepts, requirement analysis and work-in-progress in the context of principles and guidelines in visualization and visual analytics.

The topics of these presentations may include but not limited to the followings:

  • Comparative analysis of several guidelines for a visual representation,
  • Requirements and gap analysis of principles and guidelines for one or more visualization tasks (or application domains),
  • Evidence-based critique of a principle or guideline,
  • Case studies of a principle in relation to a task, a visual design, and a group of users,
  • Proposal of a new principle or guideline, or a major revision of an existing one,
  • Proposal of a mechanism for curating principles and guidelines,
  • Proposal of a framework for critique of principles and guidelines,
  • Proposal of a mechanism for disseminating and deployment of established principles and guidelines,
  • Discourse on long-term sustainable mechanism(s) for Creation, Curation, Critique and Conditioning activities,
  • Discourse on the relationships and transformation between principles and guidelines and other theoretical aspects, such as taxonomies, conceptual frameworks and models, and quantitative laws.

Submission instructions can be found here.


Papers will be reviewed by committee members and accepted authors will present at the workshop. At least one author of each accepted position paper must attend the workshop. Presentations will be in a panel format to encourage discussion: 4-5 participants will present together as part of a thematic panel. Each panel participant will give a short (5-10 minuteS) presentation of their work followed by a joint discussion.

All accepted abstracts will be published online, and accessible from the workshop's website

Selected contributions will also be published in a white paper that outlines the state of the art and future directions.


All accepted abstracts will be published online, accessible to the public, at a dedicated website for the Workshop.
Selected contributions will be included in a white paper that outlines the state of the art and future directions that should be undertaken to support the transition to a more systematic approach towards creation, curation, critique and conditioning activities.

Important Dates

Submissions Opening:
June 15th, 2016
Deadline for submission:
August 5th, 2016 (extended)
Notification of acceptance:
September 2nd, 2016 (extended)
October 23th, 2016